Watermedia & Ink Mastery

At Chapman University, his sketching expanded to embrace color and the new media he needed to understand it. Colored pencil, etching, silkscreen, lithography. Never letting go of his pencil and sense of control, however, he never picked up a brush and painted.

Time passed as he pursued his other passion, a career in music, until that passion finally subsided and led him to a steady paycheck, selling to the film and television industry in Hollywood. Once his son Dylan was born, Larry began to draw for him and, slowly but surely, he came back to Art.

This time, though, he tired of tedious detail and being a slave to the pencil. He longed for the freedom to represent entire landscapes with a few simple movements of his hand and arm. He discovered watercolor, focused on the interplay of lightest light and darkest dark, and was launched into new horizons.

As time marched on, he experimented with other watermedia, loving acrylic and canvas and the pop of color from underpainting. Over time, he found that working in hard line, whether an ink pen on watercolor paper or black paint brushed on canvas, enhanced his work and established an unmistakable style. And it was good….